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All About SERCOS
SERCOS stands for SErial Real-time COmmunications System. It's an open controller-to-intelligent digital drive interface specification (IEC 1491) designed for high-speed serial communication of standardized closed-loop data in real time over a noise immune, fiber-optic cable.
ARCNET Trade Association
ARCNET is a high speed token based network technology used to provide LAN communications between computers in both the industrial and commerical marketplaces. The ARCNET Trade Association (ATA) is a non-profit organization of ARCNET users and manufacturers formed for the purpose of promoting ARCNET and providing information and standards for users. The ATA is also an ANSI standards organization that has developed industry standards for network communications.
Fieldbus Specialists
Fieldbus Specialists, a subsidiary of OSItech Pty Ltd, was established to fulfill a demand in the process and automation industry for an impartial supplier of products, services and solutions specialising in the Industrial Communications and Networking market for open (non-proprietary) Fieldbus protocols available in Australia.
FACES: Fieldbus Awareness Campaign & Exploitation Service
The FACES scheme exists to tell UK instrumentation users and manufacturers about the benefits and opportunities associated with the adoption of fieldbus technology. It is part funded by the DTI, with contributions from Sira and major manufacturers of fieldbus compatible equipment, and is independent of any technology provider.
STEINHOFF Automations- and Fieldbus Systems
STEINHOFF Automations- and Fieldbus Systems is the leading fieldbus technology provider under QNX. Fieldbus technologies for Open Control Architecture together with QNX, IEC1131-3 and industrial hard- and software standards meet the requirements of industrial automation from today and tomorrow. This open system is cost-effective because of the minimization of costs of ownership.
Echelon Corporation is a world leader in the control networks industry. Its versatile LonWorks control network technology is well known to designers and manufacturers of equipment in every major category: factory automation, process control, building and home control, agriculture, medicine, and transportation systems. Echelon provides a full range of products and services to support the design, development, installation, and maintenance of control networks of all types.
CAN Bus by Ken Tindell of NRTT
This is a Web page describing CAN, answering frequently asked questions, and containing pointers to more information. These pages are provided by Ken Tindell of NRTT.
CAN Bus by Mike Schofield
This is a Web page describing CAN, answering frequently asked questions, and containing pointers to more information. These pages are provided by Mike Schofield, an independent, UK based technical consultant with a background in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).
CAN in Automation (CiA)
CAN in Automation (CiA), the international users and manufacturers group founded in March 1992, provides technical, product and marketing information with the aim of fostering CAN image and providing a path for future developments of the CAN protocol. The non-profit trade association with a persistently increasing number of members develops and supports various CAN-based higher layer protocols: CAN Application Layer (CAL), CANKingdom, CANopen, DeviceNet, Smart Distributed System.
PROFIBUS is standardised under the European Fieldbus Standard EN 50 170. This guarantees stability and open-ness for users and vendors worldwide. An installed base of more than 1,500,000 nodes in over 150,000 applications (Q1/98) clearly demonstrates that users and vendors benefit from this proven technology. This site contains a comprehensive overview of PROFIBUS, the world's leading vendor-independent open fieldbus standard for use in manufacturing and building automation as well as process control.

Some Pages in the vast area of FieldBuses (or comparable)

Real-Time LAN for Factory Automation

  • Finishing & Converting Net - Technology and information about the paper processing industry.

  • Manufacturing Marketplace - Comprehensive Cahners site tailored to engineering and design professionals (note: site registration required).

  • ODVA - Open DeviceNet Vendor Association.

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