CAD for Power Electronics and Motion Control


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The WWW Virtual Library simulation page

Yahoo - Simulation, and Visualization page

The Mathworks, Inc.,



Symbolic mathematical computation software

Visual Science,

Interactive Design, Simulate, and Analyze of Complex Dynamic Systems

EASY5 Engineering Software
- used to model, simulate, analyze and design dynamic systems. Tools include simulation, steady-state, linear analysis, control systems, data analysis and plotting.

ADI: Applied Dynamics International
ADI is a pioneer in providing tools for Modeling and Simulating Dynamic Systems. The SIMsystem product line is ADI's latest offering for Modeling and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation of Dynamic Systems. It is a fully open system that allows Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of systems developed in popular modeling tools such as BEACONTM, EASY5TM, SystemBuildTM, SIMULINK and ADSIM.

Simulation Resources, Inc.
SRI is a company devoted to the developement of tools and techniques for simulating complex systems. SRI's current offering is a software development package called SCoP (Simulation Control Program). SRI also offers support services and products for SCoP including consulting, workshops, and tutorials on simulation, with special emphasis on biomedical applications.

Simnon/PCW 2.0
simulation software now has DDE links that allow users to employ any Windows program as a shell. The software offers real-time simulation. It translates textbook algorithms and equations into machine code, which eliminates the need to program in C or FORTRAN. The program comes with a color syntax editor and requires Windows 3.1 or higher.

Department of Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden

How to run Matlab and Simnon macros in Netscape?

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