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January 1997  Volume 42  Number 1

1 Scnnning the Issue,

2 Editorial-President's Message,
P. J. Antsaklis

4 Dynamic Stabilization of Regular Linear Systems,
G. Weiss and R. F. Curtain
22 Discrete-Time Low-Gain Control of Uncertain Infinite-Dimensional Systems,
H. Logemann and S. Townley
38 Indirect Adaptive Pole-Placement Control of MIMO Stochastic Systems: Self-Tuning Results,
K. Nassiri-Toussi and W. Ren
53 Shear Force Feedback Control of a Single-Link Flexible Robot with a Revolute Joint,
Z. H. Luo and B. Z. Guo
66 Persistent Identification of Time-Varying Systems,
L. Y. Wang

83 High-Frequency Nonlinear Vibrational Control,
B. Shapiro and B. T. Zinn
90 On the Relation Between Local Controllability and Stabilizability for a Class of Nonlinear Systems,
S. Celikovsk and H. Nijmeijer
94 Flexible Piezoelectric Structures-Approximate Motion Equations and Control Algorithms,
B. Bona, M. Indri, and A. Tornamb
101 On the Stability of Uncertain Systems with Multiple Time-Varying Delays,
Y. J. Sun, J. G. Hsieh, and H. C. Yang
106 Adaptive Nonlinear Output Feedback Tracking with a Partial High-Gain Observer and Backstepping,
M. Jankovic
113 H\infty-Differential Riccati Equations: Convergence Properties and Finite Escape Phenomena,
P. Bolzern, P. Colaneri, and G. De Nicolao
118 New Results for the Bounds of the Solution for the Continuous Riccati and Lyapunov Equations,
C. H. Lee
123 A Lower Bound for the Mixed Problem,
P. M. Young and J. C. Doyle
128 Correction to "Stability Conditions for Multiclass Fluid Queueing Networks",
D. Bertsimas, D. Gamarnik, and J. N. Tsitsiklis

129 Global Controllability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems-S. Nikitin,
Reviewed by A. J. Krener

131 Call for Papers-The 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

133 IEEE Copyright Form,