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January 1997      Volume 5      Number 1

M. W. Spong

Fuzzy Control
1 Fuzzy Modeling and Expert Optimization Control for Industrial Processes,
Y. Z. Lu, M. He, and C. W. Xu
13 A Nonlinear Adaptive H\infty Tracking Control Design in Robotic Systems via Neural Networks,
Y. C. Chang and B. S. Chen
Discrete-Event Systems
30 SIMD Parallel Discrete-Event Dynamic System Simulation,
N. T. Patsis, C. H. Chen, and M. E. Larson
Fault Detection
42 Detection, Isolation, and Identification of Sensor Faults in Nuclear Power Plants,
R. Dorr, F. Kratz, J. Ragot, F. Loisy, and J. L. Germain
Power Systems
61 Randomized Modulation of Power Converters via Markov Chains,
A. M. Stanković, G. C. Verghese, and D. J. Perreault
74 Robust Wide-Range Control of Steam-Electric Power Plants,
C. K. Weng and A. Ray
89 A Technique for Optimal Digital Redesign of Analog Controllers,
N. Rafee, T. Chen, and O. P. Malik

100 Real-Time Accommodation of Actuator Faults on a Reusable Rocket Engine,
J. L. Musgrave, T. H. Guo, E. Wong, and A. Duyar
110 Finite Element Model-Based Robust Controllers for the Middeck Active Control Experiment (MACE),
J. How, R. Glaese, S. Grocott, and D. Miller
119 Long-Range Predictive Control of Current Regulated PWM for Induction Motor Drives Using the Synchronous Reference Frame,
L. Zhang, R. Norman, and W. Shepherd
127 Design and Stability Analysis of a Lane Following Controller,
K. A. Unyelioglu, C. Hatipoglu, and U. Ozguner
135 Design and Analysis of the Nonlinear Feedback Linearizing Control for an Electromagnetic Suspension System,
SJ Joo and J. H. Seo
145 IEEE Copyright Form