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February 1996      Volume 43      @Number 1
2 Guest Editorial-The Age of Mechatronics,
M. O. Kaynak
4 On the Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems-A Survey,
R. Isermann
16 Practical Control Enhancement via Mechatronics Design,
J. R. Hewit and K. Bouazza-Marouf
23 Piezomechanics as a Subsystem of Mechatronics : Present State of the Art. Problems, Future Developments,
R. Bansevicius, R. Parkin, A. Jebb, and J. Knight
30 The Development of a Controller for Mechatronics Equipment,
N. Kyura
38 Transputer Control of Hydraulic Actuators and Robots,
F. Conrad
48 Robust Motion Controller Design for High Accuracy Positioning Systems,
H. S. Lee and M. Tomizuka
56 Vibnation Suppression in 2 and 3-Mass System Based on the Feedback of imperfect Derivative of the Estimated Torsional Torque,
K. Sugiura and Y. Hori
65 Mode Switching Control Design with initial Value Compensation and its Application to Head Positioning Control on Magnetic Disk Drives,
T. Yamaguchi, K Shishida, S. Tohyama, and H. Hirai
74 Dynamic Force Simulator for Multifinger Force Display,
Y. Kunii and H. Hashimoto
81 A Unified Approach to Position and Force Control by Fuzzy Logic,
M. Shibata, T. Murakami, and K. Ohnishi
88 The UMC Software Environment for Machine Control System integration, Configuration, and Programming ,
A. J Carrott. P. R. Moore, R. H. Weston. and R. Harrison
98 Stable Adaptive Control of Multivariable Servomechanisms, with Application to a Passive Line-of-Sight Stabilization System,
T. H. Lee, E. K. Koh, and M. K. Loh
106 Engineering Education for Mechatronics,
M. Acar and R. M. Parkin

113 A Novel Fuzzy Friction Compensation Approach to improve the Performance of a DC Motor Control System,
J. T. Teeter, M. Y. Chow, and J. J. Brickley Jr.
121 DSP Control of High-Power UPS Systems Feeding Nonlinear Loads,
A. von Jouanne, P. N Enjeti, and D. J Lucas
126 A Hybrid Structure Using Phasc-Controlled Rectifiers and High-Frequency Converters for Magnet-Load Power Supplies,
H. Jin, Y Wang, and G. Joos
132 Operation of PWM Voltage Source-Inverters in the Overmodulation Region,
R. J. Kerkman, D. Leggate, B. J. Seibel, and T. M. Rowan
142 Control Systems for induction Machines with Magnetic Saturation,
C. R. Sullivan, C. Kao, B. M. Acker, and S. R. Sanders
153 Gain Scheduling Control of DC Motor Drive with Field Weakening ,
M. R. Matausek, B. I. Jeftenic, D. M. Miljkovic and M. Z. Bebic
163 A 50-150 kHz Half-Bridge Inverter for induction Heating Applications,
M. Kamli, S. Yamamoto, and M. Abe
173 Digital interval Modeling and Hybrid Control of Uncertain Systems,
L. S. Shieh, X. Zou, and N. P. Coleman
184 Design of A/D Converters with Hierarchic Networks,
T. S. Low and C. Bi
192 Analysis of Primary-on-Slider Type Piezoelectric Actuator and the Application to Two-Degree-of-Motion Freedom Plane Actuator,
N. Hoshi and A. Kawamura
200 A Photodiode Cell for Applications to Position and Motion Estimation Sensors ,
M. Tartagni, E. Franchi, R. Guerrien, and C. Baccarani
207 A Prototype Controller for Variable Reluctance Motors,
C. Guarino Lo Bianco, A. Tonielli, and F. Filicon
217 Automatic Synthesis of Analog Fuzzy Controllers: A Hardware and Software Approach,
N. Manaresi, R. Rovatti, E. Franchi, R. Guerrieri, and C. Baccarani
226 Loss Minimization in induction Motor Adjustable-Speed Drives,
I. Kioskeridis and N. Margaris

232 A Method for the Estimation of the Rotor Time Constant in the indirect Vector Controlled Drives.,
N. Margaris and N. Kioskeridis
233 An Image-Based Concept for Position and Attitude Determination ,
Z. Yu
235 Remarks on "Discrete-Time Variable Structure Control Systems",
A. Bartoszewicz
238 Large-Signal Modeling of Regulated Switching DC-DC Converters Using a Grid-Point Approach,
F. H. F. Leung and P. K. S. Tam

241 Call for Papers IEEE ICIT'96
243 IEEE Copyright Form

April 1996      @Volume 43      Number 2
245 Guest Editorial,
M. A. Rahman
247 Permanent Magnet Excited Brushed DC Motors,
K. Hameyer and R. J. M. Belmans
256 Analysis of Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors,
M. A. Rahman and P. Zhou
268 Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drives-Status of the State of the Art,
N. A. O. Demerdash and M A. Alhamadi
276 Disk Drive Spindle Motors and Their Controls,
M. A. Jabbar
285 Motor "Identity" Motor Model for Torque Analysis and Control,
T. S. Low, C Bi, and K. T. Chang
292 Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnet-Type Bearingless Motors,
M. Ooshima, A. Chiba, T. Fukao, and M. A. Rahman
300 Sensorless PM Brushless DC Motor Drives,
N. Matsui
309 Identification and Compensation of Torque Ripple in High-Precision Permanent Magnet Motor Drives (Invited Paper),
J. Holtz and L. Springob
321 Pulsating Torque Minimization Techniques for Permanent Magnet AC Motor Drives Review (Invited Paper),
T. M. Jahns and W. L. Soong
331 Novel Permanent Magnet Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles,
C. C. Chan, K. T Chau, J. Z Jiang, W. Xia, M. Zhu, and R. Zhang

340 Indirect Field-Oriented Speed Regulation for induction Motors is Globally Stable,
R. Ortega and D. Taoutaou
342 A Comment on "Improved and Less Load Dependent Three-Phase Current-Controlled Inverter with Hysteretic Current Controllers",
A. M. Trzynadlowski

June 1996      Volume 43      Number 3
345 Guest Editorial,
R. C. Luo
346 Image Fusion and Subpixel Parameter Estimation for Automated Optical inspection of Electronic Components,
J. M. Reed and S Hutchinson
355 Data Fusion: Color Edge Detection and Surface Reconstruction Through Regularization,
R. A. Salinas, C. Richardson, M. A. Abidi, and R. C. Gonzalez
364 Integration of Vision and Laser Displacement Sensor for Efficient and Precise Digitizing,
C. C. Huang and Y. F. Zheng
372 Environment Perception for a Mobile Robot Using Double Ultrasonic Sensors and a CCD Camera,
K. T. Song and W. H. Tang
380 An Active Sensing Method Using Estimated Errors for N4ultisensor Fusion Systems,
T. Mukai and M. Ishikawa
387 Multilayered Fuzzy Behavior Fusion for Real-Time Reactive Control of Systems with Multiple Sensors,
S. G. Goodridge, M. G. Kay, and R. C. Luo
395 Fuzzy Behavior integration and Action Fusion for Robotic Excavation,
X. Shi, P. J A. Lever, and F. Y. Wang
403 A Fuzzy-Logic Architecture for Autonomous Multisensor Data Fusion,
J. A. Stover D. L Hull, and R. E. Gibson
411 Fusing Multiple Data and Knowledge Sources for Signal Understanding by Genetic Algorithm,
T. Sawaragi, J. Umemura, O. Katai, and S. Iwai
422 Mobile Robot Localization: integrating Measurements from a Time-of-Flight Laser,
U. Larsson, J. Forsberg, and A. Wernersson
432 LiAS: A Reflexive Navigation Architecture for an Intelligent Mobile Robot System,
J. Vandorpe, H. Van Brussel, and H. Xu

441 A New Control Strategy to Achieve Sinusoidal Line Current in a Cascade Buck-Boost Converter,
M. C. Ghanem, K. Al-Haddad, and G. Roy

450 Call for Papers Special Track on Multimedia and Communication

August 1996      Volume 43      Number 4
453 Generalized Impedance Control of Robot for Assembly Tasks Requiring Compliant Manipulation,
S. P. Chan and H. C. Liaw
462 A New Formulation Technique for Local Torque Optimization of Redundant Manipulators,
S. Ma
469 Accurate Contour Control of Mechatronic Servo Systems Using Gaussian Networks,
S. Goto, M. Nakamura, and N. Kyura
477 Improvement of Transient Response by Means of Variable Set Point Weighting,
C. C. Hang and L. Cao
485 Projection Learning for Self-Organizing Neural Networks,
H. Potlapalli and R. C. Luo
492 A Nonlinear Reduced Order Observer for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors,
J. Solsona, M. I. Valla, and C. Muravchik
498 A New Motor Speed Estimator Using Kalman Filter in Low-Speed Range,
H. W. Kim and S. K. Sul
505 Induction Motor Speed Estimator and Synchronous Motor Position Estimator Based on a Fixed Carrier Frequency Signal,
J. W. Dixon and J. N. Rivarola
510 A Modified Approach of Feeding Regenerative Energy to the Mains,
S. Saha, A. V. Dandekar, and V. P. Sundersingh

515 Remarks on "Comments on a Neural Network Compensator for Uncertainties of Robotics Manipulators'',
R. G. Moctezuma and S. P. Chan

516 Call for Papers-Special Track on Fusion of Neural Nets, Fuzzy Systems, and Genetic Algorithms in Industrial Applications

Octobert 1996      Volume 43      Number 5
517 Guest Editorial,
K. F. Man
519 Genetic Algorithms�GConcepts and Applications,
K F. Man, K. S. Tang, and S. Kwon
535 Use of Fuzzy Logic to Describe Constraints Derived from Engineering Judgment in Genetic Algorithms,
R. Pearce und P. H. Cowley
541 Genetic Optimization of a Fuzzy System for Charging Batteries,
H. Surmann
549 Optimization of Image Coding Algorithms and Architectures Using Genetic Algorithms,
D. R. Bull and D. W. Redmill
559 Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing the Nonlinear Time Alignment of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems,
S. Kwong, C. W. Chau, and W. A. Halang
567 Genetic Algorithm Tuning of Lyapunov-Based Controllers�G An Application to a Single-Link Flexible Robot System,
S. S. Ge, T. H. Lee, and G. Zhu
575 Structured Genetic Algorithm for Robust H* Control Systems Design,
K. S. Tung, K. F. Man, and D.W. Gu
583 Multiobjective Gas Turbine Engine Controller Design Using Genetic Algorithms,
A. Chipperfield and P. Fleming

588 Adaptive Camera Regulation for Investigation of Real Scenes,
V. Murino, G. L. Foresti, and C. S. Regazzoni

601 Special Track on Fusion of Neural Nets, Fuzzy Systems, and Genetic Algorithms in Industrial Applications

December 1996      Volume 43      Number 6
Acknowledgment of Reviewers,
J. Holtz
Guest Editorial,
M. F. Lai and M. Nakano
Phase-Locked Loop Techniques-A Survey,
G. C. Hsieh and J. C. Hung
Efficient Digital Techniques for Implementing a Class of Fast Phase-Locked Loops (PLL's),
F. Kobayashi, M. Haratsu, M. Yabumoto, and M. Nakano
On the Nonlinear Behavior of the Analog Phase-Locked Loop: Synchronization,
N. Margaris and P. Mastorocostas
Application of Fuzzy Logic in the Phase-Locked Loop Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive,
M. F. Lai, M. Nakano, and G. C. Hsieh
Quick-Response Torque-Controlled Induction Motor Drives Using Phase-Locked Loop Speed Control with Disturbance Compensation,
A. Takano

A Simple Frequency-Independent Method for Calculating the Reactive and Harmonic Current in a Nonlinear Load,
J. S. Tepper, J. W. Dixon, G. Venegas, and L. Moran
ASIC Implementation of a Digital Tachometer with High Precision in a Wide Speed Range,
E. Galvan, A. Torralba, and L. G. Franquelo

1996 INDEX