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January 1998      Volume 13      @Number 1


May 1998      Volume 13      Number 3

Motor Drives
381 Speed Control of Ultrasonic Motors Using Neural Network,
T. Senjyu, H. Miyazato, S. Yokoda, and K. Uezato
388 A New Instantaneous Torque Control of PM Synchronous Motor for High-Performance Direct-Drive Applications,
S.-K. Chung, H.-S. Kim, C.-G. Kim, and M.-J. Youn
401 Quasi-Fuzzy Estimation of Stator Resistance of Induction Motor,
B. K. Bose and N. R. Patel
High Power
410 A Novel On-Line UPS with Universal Filtering Capabilities,
F. Kamran and T. G. Habetler
419 Fuzzy Logic Control of a Space-Vector PWM Current Regulator for Three-Phase Power Converters,
S. Saetieo and D. A. Torrey
427 A New Quasi-Parallel Resonant DC Link for Soft-Switching PWM Inverters,
Y.-T. Chen
Components and Devices
294 Assessment of Off-State Negative Gate Voltage Requirements for IGBT's,
V. Chudnovsky, B. Axelrod, and A. L. Shenkman
436 Output Voltage Integral Control Technique for Compensating Nonideal DC Buses in Voltage Source Inverters,
N. McNeill, K. Sheng, B. W. Williams, and S. J. Finney
441 Performance Evaluation of High-Power GaAs Schottky and Silicon p-i-n Rectifiers in Hard- and Soft-Switching Applications,
S. Pendharkar and K. Shenai
452 Status and Trends of Power Semiconductor Device Models for Circuit Simulation,
R. Kraus and H. J. Mattausch
Switching Converters
466 A Single-Switch Flyback-Current-Fed DC-DC Converter,
P. M. Barbosa and I. Barbi
476 Single-Stage Single-Switch Input-Current-Shaping Technique with Fast-Output-Voltage Regulation,
L. Huber and M. M. Jovanovic
487 A Unity Power Factor Converter Using Half-Bridge Boost Topology,
R. Srinivasan and R. Oruganti
501 A Family of Continuous-Conduction-Mode Power-Factor-Correction Controllers Based on the General Pulse-Width Modulator,
Z. Lai and K. M. Smedley

511 Novel Reduced-Order Small-Signal Model of a Three-Phase PWM Rectifier and Its Application in Control Design and System Analysis,
H. Mao, D. Boroyevich, and F. C. Y. Lee
522 Periodic Steady-State Analysis of an Autonomous Power Electronic System by a Modified Shooting Method,
T. Kato and W. Tachibana
528 Design-Oriented Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Clamped-Current-Boost Input-Current Shaper for Universal-Input-Voltage Range,
L. Huber and M. M. Jovanovic
538 Design Considerations and Performance Evaluations of Synchronous Rectification in Flyback Converters,
M. T. Zhang, M. M. Jovanovic, and F. C. Y. Lee
547 A Family of Low EMI Unity Power Factor Converters,
M. van der Berg and J. A. Ferreira
556 A Unified Averaging Technique for the Modeling of Quasi-Resonant Converters,
J. Xu and C. Q. Lee
Electronic Ballasts
564 Current-Source Charge-Pump Power-Factor-Correction Electronic Ballast,
J. Qian, F. C. Y. Lee, and T. Yamauchi
573 Analysis, Design, and Optimization of the LCC Resonant Inverter as a High-Intensity Discharge Lamp Ballast,
J. M. Alonso, C. Blanco, E. Lopez, A. J. Calleja, and M. Rico
586 Single-Stage Electronic Ballast with Dimming Feature and Unity Power Factor,
T.-F. Wu, T.-H. Yu, and M.-C. Chiang