IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

January 1986, Volume 1, Number 1


Power Electronics ---- Keeping Pace with Society
William W. Burns, III


Dynamics Characteristics of the Push-Pull DC to DC Converter
Masahito Shoyama and Kooshke Harada

DC to AC Series-Resonant Converter System with Internal Frequency Generating Synthesized Waveforms for Multikilowatt Power Levels

Dr. J. Ben Klaassens

A Fast Time Domain Digital Simulation Technique for Power Converters: Application to Buck Converter with Feedforward Compensation

S. S. Kelkar and Fred C. Y. Lee

A Programmable Transformer Coupled Converter for High-Power Space Application

Robert E. Kapustka, John R. Bush, James R. Grave, and John R. Lanier, Jr.

Elimination of Leakage Effects Related to the Use of Wingings with Fractions of Turns

Goran Perica

Series- or Parallel-Connected Composite Amplifiers

Georage B. Yundt

Measurement of Loop Gain with the Digital Modulator

Bohying Cho and Fred C. Y. Lee

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