IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics

March 1996, Volume 1, Issue 1


Mechatronics---"What Is It, Why, and How?" An Editorial
F. Harashima, M. Tomizuka, and T. Fukuda


What is Mechatronics?
D. M. Auslander

Mechatronics---An Industrial Perspective
N. Kyura and H. Oho


Modeling and Design Methodology for Mechatronic Systems
R. Isermann

Modeling, Design, and Control Integration: A Necessary Step in Mechatronics
K. Youcef-Toumi

Sensor Technologies and Microsensor Issues for Mechatronics Systems
R. C. Luo

Intelligent Control for Human– Machine Systems
M. Buss and H. Hashimoto

Motion Control for Advanced Mechatronics
K. Ohnishi, M. Shibata, and T. Murakami

Micro Mechatronics and Micro Actuators
H. Ishihara, F. Arai, and T. Fukuda

The Role of Electronic Controls for Future Automotive Mechatronic Systems
M. B. Barron and W. F. Powers


High Performance Ultra-Low Speed Servo System Based on Doubly Coprime Factorization and Instantaneous Speed Observer
K. Ohishi, T. Miyazaki, and Y. Nakamura

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