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Power Electronics Web Sites
PCIM Magazie Online
PCIM (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) is professional magaize on advanced power electronics and motion control technology.
Switching-Mode Power Supply Design by Jerrold Foutz
Switching-mode power supply design is the major thrust of this Website. Here you will find design problems and solutions discussed in a unique format.
ASCO (Automatic Switch Company) [http://www.asco.com]
As the world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions, ASCO keeps your power on. ASCO, Automatic Transfer Switches and Power Systems safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial processes and critical installations from health care facilities to financial transaction centers.
Atlas Energy Systems [http://www.shorpower.com]
With over 70 years of industry experience, the Marine Division of Atlas Energy Systems is one of the oldest and most respected names in the manufacture, repair and supply of marine electric generator sets.
AutoCap Solutions Inc.
Automatic battery management systems that ensure your backup batteries are in peak operating condition, when you need them.
Darnell's Power Electronics
Darnell's Power Electronics is a leading company in the field of high-frequency conversion power electronics.
For over thirty years, Dranetz-BMI has led the way in the design and manufacture of precision electrical test instruments.
Explorer Technology Group Inc.
ETG is dedicated to providing our customers with the "product of choice" whenever they desire to automate their data collection tasks on industrial batteries. Please visit our website for detailed information on our entire product line, including our line of DATALOGGING HYDROMETERS and VOLTMETERS. You can also download FREE copies of our demonstration and production SOFTWARE.
Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets analog and mixed signal circuit design software worldwide, and backs all of them with one of the most comprehensive service and support programs in the industry.
LDI - A Report Automation Company
LDI is an industry leader in delivering a truly automated reporting system. No equipment or software to purchase! Free, fully functional, applications can be downloaded. Please visit our Web site to experience what LDI can do for your battery data collection requirements.
Established in 1983, Maxim Integrated Products is a worldwide leader in design, development, and manufacture of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Maxim circuits "connect" the real world and digital world by detecting, measuring, amplifying, and converting real world signals, such as temperature, pressure, or sound, into the digital signals necessary for computer processing. Products include data converters, interface circuits, microprocessor supervisors, operational amplifiers, power supplies, multiplexers, switches, battery chargers, and voltage references.
Power & Ground Systems Corporation
Patented "Ground Conditioning" Products and Technology to Prevent Electrical Transients from Entering through the Ground.
PK Electronics PK Electronics (Power Technology Group) [http://www.ptgweb.com]
A close lightning hit or a utility power failure can demonstrate - in a costly and dramatic way - how crucial 100% Information Systems uptime is for today's business. Getting there takes sound IS infrastructure. Power Technology Group gives you the framework - including the equipment and services - to achieve a reliable IS facility or single workstation, no matter what nature and technology may throw at you.
PowerCET Corporation
Since its founding, PowerCET Corporation has focused on the improvement of the productivity and reliability of electronic equipment and systems through comprehensive consulting, education and training programs for client companies.
Static Power Conversion Services, Inc.
Your Single Point Source for Power Quality Excellence! Since 1982, SPCS has been providing customers with the very finest in computer power protection services and products. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, craftsmanship, and customer responsiveness. As your single point source, SPCS can provide the full range of Power Quality products and services.

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