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UPS America
APC (American Power Conversion) []
American Power Conversion (APC) designs, manufactures and markets uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors to improve the reliability and productivity of computer systems worldwide by protecting hardware and data from the ongoing threat of power disturbances.
Best Power
Necedah, Wis.—October 20, 1998—Best Power, a leader in uninterruptible power systems (UPS) technology, has introduced the Best 610 -- a new high-frequency, double-conversion UPS that complements the company's current award-winning UPS line. While this is Best Power's first foray into double-conversion technology in North America, Best 610 UPSs have provided reliable power protection for international customers in telecommunications, central data processing, Internetworking, manufacturing, generator site and midrange computing applications since 1996.
Clary Corporation
Clary Corporation's Continuous Power Systems (CPS) delivers the next generation of True Online Technology to Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS). Clary's Digital technology completely regenerates and conditions input power to supply rock solid Continuous Digital Power through brownouts, dirty input power, and blackouts (loss of input power) for zero downtime mission criticalapplications. Mission critical applications protected and powered by Clary include E911, Military Shipboard, and Medical -including Life Support Systems. For over 57 years, Clary has been committed to providing excellent products and services to their customers.
Cyberpower Systems Inc.
Founded in 1997, CyberPower Systems (USA), Inc, designs, manufactures and markets a feature-rich line of affordable Uninterruptible Power Systems. Our product line integrates intelligent battery back-up with advanced power protection features into a compact and reliable design that is ideal for home, office and network use.
Every model includes PowerPanelPlus[tm] UPS monitoring and control software in the box.
Exide Electronics Group Inc.
For more than 35 years, Exide Electronics Group Inc., a member of the BTR Group, has made a name for itself by providing power protection and power management systems for the world's most mission-critical applications. Exide Electronics built its reputation by combining UPS hardware, power management software, network connectivity devices and world-class service into a complete, enterprise-wide solution for companies whose businesses depend on their information technology systems.
International Computer Power
A world leader in the design, application and manufacture of high-performance AC power converters, rotary ups, the patented kinetic battery, and power conditioners for the full spectrum of industrial, commercial, medical, aerospace and maritime voltage and frequency conversion, power conditioning and UPS applications.
Liebert Corporation
Liebert Corporation's roots extend back to 1946. That year, Ralph Liebert brought his family from Cincinnati to Columbus with a few hundred dollars and a toolbox. He founded Capitol Refrigeration Industries and obtained a limited franchise from a major air conditioning manufacturer. With more than one million power and environmental control systems installed throughout more than 100 countries, Liebert has more ways to protect and cool sensitive electronics than anyone.
Merlin Gerin
Merlin Gerin is one of the foremost experts, both in the UK and the rest of the world, of electrical distribution products and systems, and uninterruptible power supplies. It specialises in products distributing electricity from the generating station to the points where it is applied in commercial and industrial facilities and a wide variety of other locations.
On-line Power
On-line Power is the world's largest manufacturer of medical power products and tap-switching regulators and thier product line also features uinterruptible power systems (ups) and power conditioners.
Tripp Lite
ince 1922, Tripp Lite has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovative products. In 1981, we were the first to introduce a UPS designed specifically for personal computers. One year later we debuted the world's most advanced premium surge suppressor, the Isobar. Today Tripp Lite is a world leader in producing the most superior power protection products available, with more than 10 million Isobars and 2.5 million UPS Systems in use worldwide.
UPS Taiwan
飛瑞公司為國內最大不中斷設備(UPS)廠商,本公司UPS產品線完整,內外銷業務均穩健成長。 汐止廠1994年7月正式獲得英國勞氏公司授ISO9001品質證書,肯定本公司之作業品質。 轉投資專業開發生產無線通訊設備的興瑞公司、翔瑞電梯公司獨家代理英國EXPRESS電梯 和大樓機電工程服務的新企公司以及負責大陸市場行銷之香港山特公司。
Chroma Inc. (致茂電子)
致茂電子公司自民國七十三年成立至今,以主動、負責、創新的精神,追求更好的技術、品質與服務之經營理念, 十多年來持績不斷地研究發展各種精密電子量測儀器、電力電子產品和自動化量測系統,提供各電子產品製造 廠商在進行產品測試時最佳解決方案,俾以保證產品功能品質、提高生產 效率、降低測試及生產成本。
Delta Electronics, Inc. (台達電子)
台達電子主要從事於交換式電源供應器之製造,是全世界最大的交換式電源供應器製造商, 近年來積極擴展電力電子領域相關產品的發展,如 UPS、變頻器、電池、功率開關元件等。
Fuden Inc. (富星電子)
富星電子(FUDEN)成立於1984年,秉持著『嶄新發想追求卓越』的理念, 多年來一直從事UPS的研發與製造,以100%原廠產品進軍市場, 行銷服務網遍及世界五大洲;並以精益求精之態度,不斷地研發新技術及提供卓越的品質保証。
Cyberpower Systems Inc. (碩天電子)
Cyber Power為為台商公司,產品策略:高品質低價位之個人用UPS。 經營理念:台灣研發、大陸製造、美國行銷。 民國86年成立,專業銷售UPS,美國為分公司,1998年起以自有品牌銷售至日本及美國, 其它地區未銷售,大陸是配合的港商製造廠,位於深圳。以台灣為研發中心,研發人員約有15人(1999, Feb.)。 地址:台北市忠孝東路291號4樓,電話: 02-27669399
Opti-UPS (賽因科技)
Power protection, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offering protection against lightning, power surge, brownouts, blackouts and spikes. All with back-up power and automatic voltage regulation. Plus, OPTI-SAFE+ autoshutdown software and Internet / dataline protection.
Centralion Industrial Inc. (成達公司)
Having supplied the UPS to international market for more than 7 years, the company has great experience in handling the power problems in different areas, and has developed a complete range of UPS systems to meet varied customers' requirements. The advanced UPS provides high reliability and exceptional power protection for PCs, Minis, LANs, Workstations and other sensitive electronic equipment.
WELI SCIENCE CO. LTD., a privately owned company established in 1988, is undoubtedly a major player in the manufacturing and sale of stand-by and line-interactive uninteruptible power supply (UPS) in Taiwan today. With 8 years of manufacturing experience and a team of dedicated engineers and staffs, the company has established good business rapport with buyers of UPS worldwide based on our product stability and support.
Main Power Electronics Cop. (鴻震電子)
Established in 1989, Main Power has rapidly become one of Taiwan's premier developers and manufacturers of uninterruptible power systems. The success lies in unwavering commitment to bringing customers new and innovative products in a rapidly changing industry. We are dedicated to meeting your needs with products ranging from high quality on-line and line interactive to standby UPS (from 300VA to 6000VA), we can cover all your power protection needs.
Since 1987, Powercom has been a worldwide provider of power protection products. Powercom designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS systems for business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANS, cash register/POS systems, office telephone equipment and global communication networks. In addition, Powercom offers a complete line of power monitoring and shutdown software for every available operating system.
Found in 1981, United Information Systems Co., Ltd. (UIS) started her operation as an electrical engineering company. During the past 17 years, UIS has been participating many important projects in both public and private sectors. With the best engineers and professionals, UIS has gained her reputation in Taiwanese semi-conductor field, electrical and mechanical field, and system engineering field. In February, 1998, UIS was officially listed, becoming a public company in the Taiwanese Stock Market. UIS Abler Electronics Co., Ltd., spun out from UIS in June, 1998, will continue her dedication in developing, manufacturing, and marketing uninterruptible power supply products.
Up Select Electronics Co., Ltd. (上選電子)
Established in 1988, Up Select Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional Uninterruptible Power Supply ISO 9002 certified manufacturer. The company initiator is an experienced engineer who has been involved in the U.P.S. field for several years. Beginning from the production of 300VA to 1500VA OFF-LINE UPS, Up Select is able to manufacture MICROPROCESSOR Controlled ON-LINE UPS ranging from 1KVA to 10KVA today.
Top-power Electronic Co., Ltd. (豪邦電子)
Since founding the company in May 1990, Top-Power devoted herself in gaining qualified human resources as our core strength as she can focus on creating superior products with high Technology, best Quality and excellent Service.In compliance with worldwide safety standards requested by customers, CE and TUV, are the major concern when designing a new product. Furthermore, in order to assure our product quality and meet the international standards, Top-Power has been certified with ISO9002 by RW TUV In 1997.
Luminous Town Electronic Co., Ltd. (輝城電子)
Luminous Town Principles for Doing Business Luminous Town Electrics was founded in 1979 and has worked constantly to improve itself under the concepts of "Aggressive Innovation and Assured Quality"
GNDC COMPANY GNDC Co., Ltd. (昌碩公司)
For more than 15 years, GNDC has manufactured more than 300,000 units of high Quality Uninterruptible Power Supplies that protect PC's, servers, workstations, terminals, small mini-computers, telephone systems, MIS systems, security / emergency systems and much more. Because of our 15-year experience and many new developed technologies, we are able to offer the most advanced Uninterruptible Power Supplies at competitive prices .(1998年資料)
Hita Technol Ogy Co., Ltd. (俊傑科技)
HITA designs a full range of Uninterrupted Power system (UPS) for data processing, procedure control and telecommunications. Established by a young and aggressive management team from the UPS industry,this company has the capability in finance, administration, marketing, selling, production, R&D, and Quality Control. The current running capital is around 4 million dollars with 2.5 million dollars in paid up capital. There is also 1.5 million dollars from the bank. (1998年資料)
JET Power Technology Co., Ltd. (捷力科技)
Jet Power is a fast-growing UPS company with a solid management base and a firm commitment to reliability and continuity. In the company three years of existence the company has already achieved and exceeded its targets and has gained an excellent reputation for itself in the UPS industry. Jet Power is set to continue to expand and confirm its place as a leader in the computer power supply industry.(1998年資料)
1967, Beam Phone Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei, products include power/audio transformers, choke coils, reflector yoke coils. 1990, putting R&D man power on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and Switching Power Supplies (SPS). 1996, UPS & Adaptors factories obtain ISO 9002 certifications.
Intellik Technologies Inc. (昱鎧科技)
Intellik Technologies Inc. was founded in January 1998 as an International Company centered in high tech, high value added computer components and peripherals. Intellik's team of IT professionals in the areas of both engineering and marketing aims to deliver useful innovation through products that connect people with people and people with information.
越洲實業有限公司成立於1986年,專業生產電腦週邊設備;其產品計有美式(美規)、歐式(歐規)、中東蘇聯等UPS、電腦插座、鍵 盤抽屜、汽車散熱器、#486、#586散熱風扇等等。
1989年3月14日一群充滿了自信且一直貢獻心力研發Power新產品的七位工程師,以他們多年所從事的專業經驗及期望合創了盛景電子股份有限公司, 公司成立後所有創業工程師仍一本初衷繼續在公司的研發部門擔負起資訊工業中的重要產品…UPS(不斷電電源設備)及其它相關電子產品的研發。 因盛景產品為資訊業所不可或缺的UPS,而近年來資訊業年年大幅成長,使得盛景在逐漸展露頭角的市場中以其高品質的UPS在業界佔有極其重要 的份量,現有產品為 on-line ups,off-line ups,AVR(穩壓器),變頻器以及高壓變壓器。
Ideal Power Co., Ltd. (愛迪歐公司)
公司地址:雲林縣斗南鎮民生路82號6樓之2 ;主要產品:不斷電系統(UPS),穩壓器(AVR)。(1998年資料)
Mega System Technologies Mega System Technologies, Inc.(鼎堅資訊科技公司)
鼎堅成立於1989年,早期以電腦軟硬體規劃和網路通訊整合發展為主,致力於各企業電腦化的發展,本公司的技術和服務品質,深得客戶的認同, 信賴和支持。1992年因為本公司在網路上專業領域和規劃整合的成就,而成為Novell 的PDP (Professional Developer's Program 專業發展廠商), 開始研發網路上的軟體系統。 1992年底開始UPS監控軟體的開發,並整合本公司研發人員全力發展適用於各作業系統的UPS監控軟體 - RUPS。
Power Electronics Web Sites
ASCO (Automatic Switch Company) []
As the world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions, ASCO keeps your power on. ASCO, Automatic Transfer Switches and Power Systems safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial processes and critical installations from health care facilities to financial transaction centers.
Atlas Energy Systems []
With over 70 years of industry experience, the Marine Division of Atlas Energy Systems is one of the oldest and most respected names in the manufacture, repair and supply of marine electric generator sets.
AutoCap Solutions Inc.
Automatic battery management systems that ensure your backup batteries are in peak operating condition, when you need them.
Darnell's Power Electronics
Darnell's Power Electronics is a leading company in the field of high-frequency conversion power electronics.
For over thirty years, Dranetz-BMI has led the way in the design and manufacture of precision electrical test instruments.
Explorer Technology Group Inc.
ETG is dedicated to providing our customers with the "product of choice" whenever they desire to automate their data collection tasks on industrial batteries. Please visit our website for detailed information on our entire product line, including our line of DATALOGGING HYDROMETERS and VOLTMETERS. You can also download FREE copies of our demonstration and production SOFTWARE.
Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets analog and mixed signal circuit design software worldwide, and backs all of them with one of the most comprehensive service and support programs in the industry.
LDI - A Report Automation Company
LDI is an industry leader in delivering a truly automated reporting system. No equipment or software to purchase! Free, fully functional, applications can be downloaded. Please visit our Web site to experience what LDI can do for your battery data collection requirements.
Established in 1983, Maxim Integrated Products is a worldwide leader in design, development, and manufacture of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Maxim circuits "connect" the real world and digital world by detecting, measuring, amplifying, and converting real world signals, such as temperature, pressure, or sound, into the digital signals necessary for computer processing. Products include data converters, interface circuits, microprocessor supervisors, operational amplifiers, power supplies, multiplexers, switches, battery chargers, and voltage references.
Power & Ground Systems Corporation
Patented "Ground Conditioning" Products and Technology to Prevent Electrical Transients from Entering through the Ground.
PK Electronics PK Electronics (Power Technology Group) []
A close lightning hit or a utility power failure can demonstrate - in a costly and dramatic way - how crucial 100% Information Systems uptime is for today's business. Getting there takes sound IS infrastructure. Power Technology Group gives you the framework - including the equipment and services - to achieve a reliable IS facility or single workstation, no matter what nature and technology may throw at you.
PowerCET Corporation
Since its founding, PowerCET Corporation has focused on the improvement of the productivity and reliability of electronic equipment and systems through comprehensive consulting, education and training programs for client companies.
PCIM Magazie Online
PCIM (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) is professional magaize on advanced power electronics and motion control technology.
Switching-Mode Power Supply Design by Jerrold Foutz
Switching-mode power supply design is the major thrust of this Website. Here you will find design problems and solutions discussed in a unique format.
Static Power Conversion Services, Inc.
Your Single Point Source for Power Quality Excellence! Since 1982, SPCS has been providing customers with the very finest in computer power protection services and products. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, craftsmanship, and customer responsiveness. As your single point source, SPCS can provide the full range of Power Quality products and services.

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