Advanced Digital Motion Control Using SERCOS-Based Torque Drives

PCIM Proc., pp. 39-48, Neuremberg, Germany, June 22-24, 1999.

Andes Yang (楊再傑), Cheng-Chang Hsieh (謝政昌), Po-Ching Chen(陳柏菁), Chan-You Ho(何昌佑),
Ming-Jin Hsu (許明景), Ying-Yu Tzou, Member, IEEE

Power Electronics & Mechatronics Control Lab.,
Dept. of Electrical and Control Engineering, National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan, ROC

This work was supported by the MIRL of ITRI, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Project no. ITRI-MIRL 8807-001.


This paper presents a survey of the applications of real-time network control technology to advanced digital motion control. A DSP-based digital ac servo drive with SERCOS interface has been constructed. Realization issues of a fully digital controlled multi-axis servo system has been discussed. A Windows-based interactive development environment has been developed for the design of a multi-axis motion control system.

Remark: This paper was submitted to PCIM on Dec. 17, 1998. The accepted letter was received on March 1, 1999 and the conference was held at Nuremberg, Germany, during June 22-24, 1999.